What is CortexCash

CortexCash is a newcomer friendly guide, eBook, and course kit that teaches all people of any age, how to earn a considerable income using methods that require a minimal amount of work. 

Our Packages (Beginner to Full) all include methods ranging from starting your own online business/store to simply writing an email. We have put countless weeks of hard work and dedication into our guide and are just now releasing it to consumers.

Before release, we utilized the methods to our own benefit. We have earned and continually earn $300+ a day using the exact same methods that are available to you for a one time price of the package itself. 

We are reliant in our methods and guarantee $1K+ your first month or you will receive a full refund at your request. 

Looking for a catch? There isn't one! That's right: no ties, no further investments, no nonsense. Just how it should be.

How Does This Work?

Read & Learn

Once you have purchased the CortexCash program, you will be sent the package via Email. Then, thoroughly read through the provided guides and eBooks and check out the included perks, vouchers, and gift cards to get you started.


Following the guide, you will be required to simply copy and paste information, write a few sentences, and add your selected images to certain fields. Additionally, you can do several other actions to increase profits.


After following the guide, put your feet up, relax, and wait.
If you've followed our guides to the letter, within the first few hours, you should be on your way to sales and increased revenue.  

reviews from customers

I was tired of answering emails every day. I needed something new that was going to make me enough to support my lifestyle. I now run a online store and could not have gotten here alone. Tristan gave me extra ideas, tips, and mentored me when I needed it. 

Melonie Sanchez

Being a support agent for PayPal was not where I wanted to be in life. I took a chance and went ahead and started with cortex. Now I work at home. I was amazed by the detail of the course and the private methods I recieved. A 5 Star program.

Anika Nguyen

I am a creator on YouTube, Matojeje. I have an addiction to making money and I cannot begin to explain the methods that are in the course. I only use one right now but I can say that they are profitable. +1 for cortex.

Alec Dominguez